How to setup an Anonymous Smartphone

Since there is still a lot of misinformation in this area about how best to set up Ano-Smartphones,
I’ll throw out a little free guide here for you on how best to set it up.

Fraud is becoming more hotter in Europe, and the police are getting better at catching you and busting your ano-smartphones.

In my eyes, a Google Pixel is best suited as an ano phone. I use the 7 Pro, but the 6A will do.
IPhones please only the latest and no FaceID, 16 character password and disable ICloud backup.
But with IPhones I have personally made too little experience to be able to say something.

What do we need?
– Suitable pixel, which is supported by GrapheneOS. You can find the list here: List of devices *I recommend the Pixels under the 6 but no longer.*
– Windows Laptop
– USB C cable
– Internet
– APKs which are linked.

Optional but makes the device safer:

How do I buy the device?

The best case is a used one. Please don’t buy from your relatives and always pay in cash. Please never put a sim in the device which runs through you.
Otherwise in the store is of course also possible.

What are the advantages of GrapheneOS?

– No Google services and the associated backdoors

– More 0Day patches

– No Google services

– Strengthened bootloader

– Auto reboot

– Better E-Sim functionality

And much more. Just read it here:

How to install GrapheneOS?

a. Download the necessary tools for your computer:…form-tools

Turn on the developer options on your phone:
a. Open the Settings app.
b. Tap on “About phone”.
c. Find the “Build number” and tap it 7 times to unlock the developer options.
d. Go back to settings and select “Developer options”.
e. Turn on “USB debugging” and “OEM unlocking”.


1. unlock the bootloader. Click on Unlock Bootloader, and select your pixel in the pop up menu.

The device will reboot, and reset itself completely. Select confirmation with the volume keys.

2. download the rom. Click on Download Release.

Wait until the blue bar is completely loaded.

3. flash

Click on Flash Release. The device will automatically reboot several times. Please do not do anything with the phone during this time. Just leave it. Do not set up after that!

4. lock bootloader

Go to the button Lock Bootloader. This is extremely important. The phone is as safe as a Swiss cheese with an open bootloader.

Now it’s time for the correct setup.

Set up your phone as you normally would.

Please do NOT use a fingerprint. A password of at least 16 characters should be used. Basically the same strength, if not stronger than the HDD encryption should be used!

Enable the following options:

Developer settings:

– Disable Sensors ( Enable Developer Settings + Disable Sensors ) *Turns off sensors like camera, microphones, motion sensors, etc.* *Important!

– Turn off Wi-FI automatically: ( Network & Internet – Internet – Wlan – Network Preferences – Turn off Wlan automatically(2nd option)) : I would set to 1-3h. *Turns off the wi-fi interface after X time*.

– Bluetooth Timeout: ( Connected Devices – Bluetooth Timeout) : 15 seconds *Turns off the Bluetooth interface after X time*.

– Auto Reboot: (Security – Auto Reboot) : 30 minutes *Extremely IMPORTANT! Otherwise the decryption keys can be read out of the Ram in Unlock Mode. For IPhones please do it manually!!!)

– Native Code Debugging (Security – Native Code Debugging) *Switch off any logs*.

Install the following apps on your Main profile:

– F-Droid Store ( )

– Aurora Store (you can find it at F-Droid), Secure & Anonymous Play Store alternative. ALL APPS available there, with download from Google servers.

– Sentry (found at F-Droid), after install give devices owner permission by going to TURN ON below.

– Wasted (you can find it at F-Droid), start it after installation and activate it. Allow permissions, and enable the Wipe Data & Wipe eSIM option. Then enable the Tile option. Before you do that, delete the flight mode tile from Quick Settings. You will have a new tile that looks 1:1 like the flight mode tile. However, when this is activated, the device resets itself.

-Install and activate LockUp (APK here). Detects UFED attacks (like Cellebrite UVM), and resets the device automatically.

In my opinion, you should only install Google services on a separate profile. Thanks to GrapheneOS, you can create as many profiles as you want, and these are extra reinforced.

How to behave with an ano-smartphone

– It is logged via which IMEI number the SIM dials into the network. Do NOT use RL regged SIMS in the cell phone!

– If you live in a rural area, do not use at home.

– Device not switched on with you carry, especially if you have a RL cell phone. ALWAYS switch off! Otherwise a movement profile is created with the help of the radio masts.

– Do not leave it switched on overnight. I don’t think you will get the cell phone turned off in time when the SEK kicks down your door.

– Use E-SIMS! These cannot be removed by officers, and you can reset remotely with Wasted.

– E-SIMS regularly changen.


– Use VPN despite anosim. (Mullvad & Perfect Privacy are known and Safe).

– Assign apps as few permissions as possible. If apps are not used, revoke network rights.

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