Booking.Garden Subscription System

Subscription System for Physical Items like Furnitures, Vehicles, Electronics items, Equipments etc.


This product allows admin to add physical products and make them available for subscription.

Right now it supports Monthly and Yearly subscriptions.
A product will be associated with a location and also
admin can define to what locations this product will be shipped.
Customers from other locations won’t be able to subscribe to the products.


Admin… / admin1234

User… / user1234

Admin can create categories and then add products under a category.
They can add pictures and prices for each product.
This system is made for subscriptions of physical items only.
So the ideal products that can be added in the system are
Furnitures, Vehicles, Electronics items, Equipments etc.

Tax Rates:
Admin can define Tax rules and then can associate the tax rules to the products.
If a product don’t have any tax, then admin can add without any tax rules too.

Right now the system supports three currencies
USD, EUR and GBP and other currencies can be added too.

When a user subscribed to a product, the system generates an invoice.
The product will be available till the subscription expiry date.
Before the subscription expires, system will remind the user that
the subscription is about to expire and admin will get the list of
subscriptions about to expire.Then either user can renew it, if not renewed admin
will be able to see the product in the list of
pending pick up product reports.

The system support Stripe, Paypal and Bank transfer as payment methods


  • Category Management
  • Product Management
  • Tax Rules
  • Subscription System
  • Stripe and Paypal Payments


PHP 8.x

MySQL 5.7.x


For installation instruction please click  Here.

See User Manual by clicking Here

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